Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jockey Club Government Secondary School

Jockey Club Government Secondary School or JCGSS is a government funded full time secondary school in in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. The school was formed in 1960 and the school building was built with the generous donation by the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club .


Jockey Club Government Secondary School was established in 1960 as Jockey Club Modern School . In the 1950's to 60's Hong Kong, 41% of the population were under the age of 15. It was due to the mass migration of Chinese refugees arrived in Hong Kong after the . It presented an education crisis to the Government because the number of existing schools was not enough to cater the need of the children. As a result, a lot of schools were established in order to resolve the issue and JCGSS was one of them.

Due to the urgent need of education for a large population, classes was temporarily held in Perth Street Government School until 10th, October, 1961, when the current 3 storey building complex was completed. The school was divided to Morning School and Afternoon School in order to provide maximum number of seats. Both schools provided 3-year education aimed at preparing students for direct entry into employment or for further vocational training. The school was named after the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club which offered generous donation for the construction of the building.

In 1963, the school was expanded to provide the standard 5-year secondary education and renamed Jockey Club Government Secondary Technical School . In the next year, JCGSS became a full day school in order to offer better educational environment for students.
In 1975, the school was once again expanded, to provide the 7-year full secondary education.
The school was renamed to Jockey Club Government Secondary School in 1997.


*Mr Tristan ; Mr S. K. Buse
*Mr Barens
*Mr H. J. Head
*Mr Zeon-Hoi Sit
*Mr Ping-tat Chan
*Mr Ping-Jyun Chan
*Mr Jin-Zan Wong
*Mr Ye-Sau Yung
*Mr Wen-Man Leung
*Mr Chun-may Hung

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