Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Li Sing Primary School

Li Sing Primary School, in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, is a government primary school. Its present site was formerly "Saiyingpun Anglo-Chinese School", which became in 1926. Li Sing Primary School was founded in September 1954 in memory of Li Sing, a Hong Kong businessman. In January 1955, the school was officially opened by Li Po Chun, one of the sons of Li Sing.

The school is located between Pokfulam Road and , resulting in a very small area. A part of the school building is occupied by Western Dental Clinic. Due to the busy traffic in Pokfulam Road, the school suffers from and noise pollution. Around 1992, double glass windows and were installed so as to improve the physical environment. Around 1995, extension work was carried out, resulting in an extra floor above the existing building.

In the old days when there were not enough primary schools in Hong Kong, Li Sing Primary School existed as both an school and school. The two schools were independent of each other, though they shared the same building. However, because of the reduction in the birth rate and educational reform, the Education and Manpower Bureau renewed the ex-Law Fu Institute of Education located in 9A Bonham Road and turned it into the new school building of Li Sing Primary School PM. Li Sing Primary School PM was then renamed Bonham Road Government Primary School in 1998. The two schools now both serve as whole-day schools.

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